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Antique Lux is a new generation of marble-look porcelain. Gazzini always has a special approach with their marble looks and, with this line, they are taking advantage of exciting new technology to achieve a final product that truly looks and feels like real marble. The glazes are applied in a way that perfectly follows the surface structure, creating veins that you can feel as well as see. The special finish is made the same way as fully polished material, with polishing wheels that rub the surface, but without going as deep as with full polishing, creating an elegant satin finish. The finish also has technical advantages such as better resistance to scratching and no risk of microporosities. By the innovative combination of these two techniques, we have a marble look that is extremely natural to the touch as well as stunningly beautiful. The line comes in 6 colors that are familiar yet unique. Gazzini was inspired by real marble, and then they finessed the graphics and colors to make them even more attractive to market demands.

Color: Amalfi Lux
  • Amalfi Lux
  • Antique Portofino
  • Avenue White
  • Cortina White
  • Florence Grey
  • Positano Blue
Available Size: 12" X 24"
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Product Line
Antique Lux
Amalfi Lux
12" X 24"
Field Tile

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