Carpet could be the perfect option

Carpet has been a much-loved choice for flooring for many years. In fact, some people are staunch carpet lovers, never even thinking to choose a different flooring material. The reasons for that are as diverse as the homeowners themselves, but there are even more reasons now to choose carpet than there ever has been!

Just like there are many who choose carpet above all else, there are those who refuse to consider carpet. Their reasons are very valid, but those are the people we hope will be reading this. We would like to address some of the main reasons carpet gets overlooked so that you might reconsider and give it a chance.

Carpet and stains

Some people quickly overlook carpet, because they know they’re quite likely to have to deal with lots of stains. Families with children or pets, or those whose occupation brings them home with dirty feet and clothes, are just a few who might be turned off by carpet.

We have great news! You can order your carpet, right from the manufacturer, with stain protection built right in. Furthermore, this stain protection can even be tailored to your need. In the case of pets, some manufacturers add odor control to their stain protection, so that you get the best of both worlds, no matter what happens.

You can also add another layer of protection by adding more stain protection yourself or having your carpet installers do that for you. Not only does this built-in stain protection keep your carpet looking brand new, but it can also greatly extend the life span of your flooring.

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Carpet and allergy sufferers

Another reason that some people simply won’t consider carpet is that they believe it adds to their allergy problems. It’s true that some allergens can become trapped in carpet, and they don’t want the possibility of having to deal with that.

However, just like stain protection, some carpet fibers are manufactured to be hypoallergenic. The allergens might be trapped, but that’s where their reign ends.

Carpet at your fingertips

Paramount Rug Company can place many carpet samples right into your hands so that you can see it for yourself. We serve the areas of Bridgewater, Easton, Mansfield, Cape Cod, Franklin, Brockton, and Hyannis, with a showroom in both Brockton, MA as well as Hyannis, MA. Stop by anytime to speak to a flooring professional who would be more than happy to show you our full line of carpet.
Luxury carpet in Brockton, MA from Paramount Rug Company

Special carpet offers

To help set the ambiance of your home, Paramount Rug Company is giving all residential customers 10% Loyalty Rewards to apply towards future qualified purchases when you spend a minimum of $250 in our stores.

To qualify for Loyalty Rewards, the minimum purchase of $250 must be paid in full. The minimum purchase amount is based on material subtotals only, excludes taxes, warranties, and labor.

To redeem: The Loyalty Rewards amount towards the next purchase will be noted in the comments section of the invoice provided upon payment. The Loyalty Rewards credit will be adjusted for any items returned or canceled. The Loyalty Rewards will expire 365 calendar days from date of purchase. The complete amount of rewards must be used at the time of redemption. Loyalty Rewards can be applied to select sale materials.

Learn more about our Loyalty Rewards by visiting one of our two location in Southeastern Massachusetts or calling (508) 583-5022