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Paramount Rug Company provides rug cleaning services at the area’s best prices

Our rug cleaning specialists also provide 3M ScotchGuard™, deodorizing, mothproofing and pick up and drop off service. Paramount Rug Company has been the area’s most respected specialist for the cleaning and restoration of Oriental rugs for more than 28 years. We professionally clean and repair most types of area rugs that are up to 14 feet in width. Moreover, we offer optional 3M Scotch Guard™, mothproofing, and odor removal treatments as part of our full service. Paramount Rug Cleaning also offers pickup and delivery service, or 20% off for cash-and-carry drop-off cleaning.

How our rug cleaning service works

Every area rug we service is first marked with a security barcode tag and then is carefully inspected for size, type, condition and any special handling that may be required. Your rug is then beaten and brushed to remove any dust, sand or other material from within the rug’s pile. In the next step, the rug is hand spotted and pre-washed and special attention is focused on tough stains and soiled areas. The rug is then inserted into a flatbed washing machine that gently jet-washes it with just warm water and a specialized detergent. Immediately following this wash, the rug is thoroughly rinsed using cold water, and the majority of the water is wrung out.

The rug is allowed to dry overnight in a temperature & humidity-controlled dry room. The next morning, it is inspected. If the rug does not meet our quality standards, we will re-wash it again. When completed, Paramount Rug Company will hand clean the fringe, vacuum it and then wrap the rug in heavy paper. Silk rugs or those made of other natural fibers, will receive special handling and be cleaned using dry cleaning methods. We clean these rugs by hand using the Milliken system.

Paramount Rug Company provides rug cleaning and restoration services to residents in Brockton, Bridgewater, Easton, Mansfield, Cape Cod, Franklin, and other nearby Massachusetts communities. The special care we give each rug we clean and restore has been the hallmark of our service for more than 28 years. If you need more information about our rug cleaning & restoration services, phone us, e-mail us or drop by at our Brockton, MA showroom to discuss your interest in rug cleaning services with one of our expert consultants.




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