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Why are area rugs so important?

If you’ve spent any time researching flooring recently, you may have heard some chatter concerning area rugs and their importance in the home. They can be a monumental asset for many homeowners who are looking to add to their existing decor, create an amazing and one of a kind centerpiece, or provide protection for their main floor coverings. The truth is, some products can cover all these bases at the same time, providing you with an array of benefits you’ll come to love more as the years go by. If you don’t see exactly what you want, we can help with that too.

Paramount Rug Company has proudly served our customers since 1928 as a family owned and operated flooring business, now in its 3rd generation of ownership. Offering prompt service in a professional and friendly environment, our knowledgeable sales staff will make sure your every need and preference is met before we embark on product installation. Choose from an extensive variety of materials to find out which is best for you. From our showrooms in Hyannis and Brockton, MA, we serve the communities of Brockton, Bridgewater, Easton, Mansfield, Cape Cod, Franklin, Hyannis, Barnstable, Sandwich, Yarmouth Port, South Yarmouth, and West Yarmouth. We invite you to stop in at your convenience and allow us to serve you as well.

Area rugs and how they can benefit your home

Area rugs have long been used for a variety of purposes. For decor, they can help to create an amazing focal point in any space, large or small. On the other hand, they can also be used to help draw a variety of decor elements together for a stunning overall look that you can simply feel when you walk into the room. This is accomplished by a wide selection of colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes, all tailored to your own specific needs.
Stylish area rugs in Barnstable, MA from Paramount Rug Company
For some homeowners, protection of their existing floors is the driving factor in choosing area rugs. Placed under heavy pieces of furniture, these pieces can help to bear the brunt of the load and stop the possibility of permanent dents as a result. They can also be placed in specific locations, such as any space where people come in from directly outside, to catch dirt and debris before it makes it onto your floors.

We offer custom area rug services as well, allowing you to tailor your area rugs to your very own specifications. No matter how big or small a piece you need, we’re happy to work with you to provide what best suits your requirements.

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