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Braided area rug collection on sale

Braided rugs are an ideal addition to any home. Comfort and style combine in these affordable floor coverings. Shopping for the perfect product is simple when you come to Paramount Rug Company. You can have your braided area rugs delivered fast anywhere in East Bridgewater, Brockton, and Whitman! These long-lasting floor coverings look as great as they feel. Their durability promises years of use and easy maintenance. And any homeowner can afford to purchase one! Braided area rugs can be the perfect accessory that completes a new interior design. Even boring spaces can feel like new with the right floor covering. You won’t believe how easy it is to change the way you feel about your home’s decor!

Benefits of a braided area rug

Having nice flooring is a good step towards completing the interior design of your dreams. But adding accessories can really make the difference between a room that is average and one that is stunning! Braided area rugs have so much to offer to your home. They’re as functional as they are attractive. Here are some of the unexpected ways that adding a floor covering can improve your living space:

  • Protect your flooring. Adding a braided rug means adding another layer between foot traffic and your floors. Dirt can wear down floors over time. Putting a barrier down can extend the life of your floor. It can also make cleanup easier. It takes less time to run a vacuum over a mat or throw it in the washer than it does to scrub the floors. You can extend the life of your floors and reduce the amount of energy you spend cleaning all in one step.
  • Keep feet warm in the winter. Touching the cold floor with bare feet can make getting out of bed unpleasant. It feels much better to have a soft braided area rug there to keep your feet warm! Having more area rugs in the home can make rooms feel warmer by reducing the amount of bare space on the floors.
  • Catch allergens at the door. Coming in and out of the home is expected. But when allergy season hits, carrying pollen in from outside can make breathing difficult. Runny noses and itchy throats are an inconvenience. Simply putting a few braided area rugs near the entrances of your home can reduce airborne allergens. This is true of pet dander as well. Everything gets caught in the durable fibers and stays there until you vacuum them up!
  • Offer pets a place to sleep. Tired of finding the family pets on the furniture? Give them a soft place to rest with a braided area rug. They are easier to clean than pet beds and look attractive with the decor. You can even roll the mat up and take it with you when you travel with your pet. It is a convenient and beautiful solution to the age-old problem of fur on the furniture!

Braided area rugs are as versatile as they are beautiful. And at such great prices, they are a great value. Find one of our locations in Brockton and Hyannis MA or shop online. Bring comfort and design into your home with quality floor coverings from Paramount Rug Company!



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