When you prefer hardwood flooring

If your ultimate goal is to have hardwood flooring installed in your home, there’s never been a better time to research the product line. In fact, these floors continue to trend across the country, with many personalized options available according to your specifications for flooring. Always stunning and sophisticated, these floors add a timeless character to any space while remaining highly durable with one of the longest lifespans available in flooring. This material isn’t just a flooring though. It’s an investment. It not only raises the overall value of your home, but it can also bring a higher price at final sale should you decide to sell it as well.

At Paramount Rug Company, you’ll gain all the benefits that come from dealing with a family owned flooring store that’s been in business since 1928. In that time, we have gained a loyal following, thanks to our prompt and reliable service, as well as an extensive array of flooring materials and services. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and as such, you can expect that we will treat you with the care you deserve. We proudly serve the areas of Brockton, Bridgewater, Easton, Mansfield, Cape Cod, Franklin, Hyannis, Barnstable, Sandwich, Yarmouth Port, South Yarmouth, and West Yarmouth, all from our showrooms located in Hyannis and Brockton, MA. We would be honored to serve you as well, and ask that you visit us at your convenience.

Hardwood flooring and its many options

Hardwood flooring offers many ways in which to personalize your floors. For instance, you can choose your favorite wood species, stain color, and finish type, for a floor that is as unique as you are. Our flooring specialists will assist you in picking the perfect species, as these should match your specific in-house activity levels. Rated from soft to hard, a busier home should always have the hardest material feasible. This helps to prevent premature wear and allows your floors to meet their expected lifespan potential. With regard to stain color, it’s important to know that you’ll have far more choices if you select site finished materials that if you choose prefinished materials. Of course, site finishing makes your installation period longer, but if there’s a certain stain color you absolutely can’t live without, it’s a compromise you may be willing to make. Prefinished materials offer a good variety of options as well, and your flooring specialist will help you decide the perfect solution. Be sure to ask about the necessity for professional installation for your hardwood flooring. Many factors help to dictate this need to prevent problems from occurring later on. For instance, with professional installation, you can rest assured the materials will be installed to perfection, you’ll only be charged for the exact amount of installed materials, and you’ll never have to worry about a voided warranty.

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