Flooring installation


Installation in Brockton, Hyannis, and beyond

The following information is a checklist of items to prepare your home for your new flooring and is provided to prevent surprises that create unhappy customers. Proper preparation helps the installation go smoothly and efficiently. Our professional installers appreciate your cooperation as well. We will make every effort to ensure that your floor covering installation goes as expected to give you a beautiful home.

How the installation process works


Secured premises

Please be sure that there is available parking and access for our installers at the job site. Clarify instructions for elevator use, service entrances, or security procedures if applicable.

Power, water, and climate

Please be sure that adequate power, light, water, ventilation, and heat or air conditioning is on at least 24 hours before, during, and always after delivery and installation.



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Scheduling the installation

Generally, we call you when your materials arrive at our warehouse to schedule the installation. Sometimes, this occurs when you place your order. We have made our reputation over the past 75 years serving our customers on time. Sometimes, circumstances prevent us from starting or finishing on time. We do not offer compensation under these circumstances.

When the installer arrives

Please inspect the materials before installation to be sure that they are what you expected. The lead installer should inspect the job and advise you of approximately how long it will take. You should plan to be at the job during the entire installation in case there are any questions about how you want things done. The balance due for your installation is payable when the installers finish, unless other arrangements have been made.

Change in color

Color may vary from dye lot to dye lot. Many ceramic tiles have shade variation designed in, to better simulate the look of natural stone. Natural products such as wood and stone will show shade variation. A shade variation may occur from sample to flooring.


In all cases, please clear away any knick-knacks, fragile objects, all items under beds or other furniture, china and glassware from hutches, bed coverings, items from closet floors, books from bookcases, any small furniture you can move, computer equipment from desks or hutches, stereos, TV’s, VCR’s, DVD’s from stands or entertainment centers, aquariums, artwork from walls, and of course, any "family heirlooms." Please inform the estimator, and the installer of any wiring, fixtures, or alarm sensors in close proximity to the job. You may choose to have our installers remove your old flooring (in most cases), and you may have them move your furniture. There will be charges added for these services. Please discuss this with your salesperson or estimator. Under no circumstances will Paramount or our installers be held responsible for any damage to your belongings.

Removal of existing flooring

If you have or have had pets, or recently purchased your home, you or your family members may want to remove the old flooring and check the sub-floors for damage. If you have elected not to have our installers remove your existing carpet or flooring, this must be done before installation. You may also need to remove staples that fastened your old pad down. Do not remove the tack-less strip around the perimeter of the room if replacing carpet with carpet. Please call the store if you find any surprises.

Unforeseen charges

Additional charges may apply to installations when the take-up and removal of carpet and flooring are done. Water damage, urine soaked carpets, floors with structural damage, asbestos floors, and other issues are often impossible to detect until the installation has begun. Please advise the estimator if this is a possibility.

Appliances, fixtures, plumbing, and excessive furniture

Additional charges may apply to installations with excessive amounts of furniture (i.e. appliances, file cabinets, heavy equipment, storage boxes, wall units, large screen TV, sleep sofas, four poster beds, armoires, etc.) We do not move antiques, aquariums, waterbeds, heavy pool tables, safes, computers, or electronic equipment. Items such as pianos and grandfather clocks require tuning or balancing when they are moved. We are not plumbers. All gas and water must be disconnected prior to installation and reconnected after we’re done. Some of these services require professionals in their respective fields, just as one wouldn’t see an accountant for heart surgery. Under no circumstances will Paramount or our installers be held responsible for any damage to your belongings.

Doors and moldings

If you have selected thicker carpeting, thicker padding, or if your new flooring and or underlayment results in the finished job being higher, you may need to have your doors trimmed. Depending on what’s being installed, our installers may not be equipped to trim your doors. In some cases, (always with hardwood or laminate) quarter round and or baseboard moldings may have to be removed and replaced. Large rolls of carpeting may scratch paint or stain in doorways or railings. Although our installers will use the utmost care, the fitting of materials may scratch baseboards and moldings. It is recommended that you retain paint or stain for touch up after installation. Under no circumstances will Paramount or our installers be held responsible for damage to walls, fixtures, doors, or moldings.

Installation on concrete sub-floors

There may be no guarantee on products glued directly to concrete sub-floors due to moisture inherent to such floors. Please consult your salesperson, estimator, or manufacturer’s warranty information for more details.

Waste, seams, and pattern matching

When we measure and estimate materials, we attempt to strike a balance between savings for the customer, placing seams in the best location possible, and keeping the number of seams reasonable. Seams are not completely invisible and will be less noticeable with different types and patterns of material. Patterns may not match perfectly due to manufacturers tolerances, sub-floor irregularities, or run off of pattern if the room is not square. We strongly recommend that you save your waste in the event of a future repair or warranty claim.

Allergies and new carpet and flooring

All new things have a distinct aroma, and carpet and flooring are no exception. Neither is a new car or truck, new paint, etc. As in any home improvement project, ventilation is key. We strongly recommend that you consult your physician if this is a concern. The Carpet and Rug Institute maintains a toll free phone line for consumers and health professionals. It is 800-882-8846. If you are purchasing hard surface or resilient flooring, many manufacturers have toll free phone lines and web sites where you or your doctor can get information.

After installation

At the end of the installation, the installers will vacuum, sweep, or damp mop the new flooring as applicable. They will haul away any scraps, old materials they removed, etc. At this time, please inspect the job with the lead installer so that your concerns can be addressed immediately. This will prevent callbacks that may inconvenience you.

We at Paramount sincerely appreciate your business and thank you for your purchase. Our goal is to keep you as a customer, and if we’ve done our job well, maybe your friends and family will come to us with their flooring needs. Please contact us if you have any problems or concerns with your purchase.