Ways to spruce up your home this spring with old and new area rugs.

Normalcy is on the horizon! Communities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, such as the South Shore, Southcoast and Cape Cod are getting vaccinated, kids are returning to in person learning, and warm weather approaching.  With that said, I think we all recognize the importance of investing in our homes; and by now I am sure some of us want to change up the four walls we have been spending extra time in!

Paramount Rug Company would love to help you spruce up your home this spring season with 2021 area rug trends.   Some of this year’s trends are as simple as just having a vintage oriental cleaned by our team of professionals or even layering rugs around your home.

Top 2021 Area Rug Trends:

Vintage Persian Rugs:

Home décor trends are like fashion trends, they repeat themselves. The craftsmanship, vibrant colors and intricate design of a Persian rug can anchor any room. This style rug looks particular good with mid-century furniture. Hope that you didn’t get rid of those old family heirloom handwoven wool oriental rugs that will last forever, because they are back! If you did, I am sure you can find one for a fraction of the cost at an estate sale, antique store or on Facebook Marketplace. Before putting it back into use please let our rug cleaning department clean it for you. We can even add new fringe to it!

Layering Rugs:

By simply layering rugs one can make a statement in a room through a combination of patterns, textures and colors. This is great when you find the perfect rug that completes a room but the rug is not big enough to go under all the furniture. Paramount Rug Company has a whole remnant department full of neutral textured carpets that can be cut and bound into any shape or size to highlight the top layer rug. Here are some tips to properly layer area rugs

  1. 1. Neutral colored rugs such as a sisal should go under statement area rugs
  2. 2. When layering patterned area rugs stay within the same color family
  3. 3. Put soft textured rugs over flat weaves such as sisals

Chevron designs are timeless and come in various scales.  This pattern is suitable for any living room, bedroom and dining room. The trick is selecting the appropriate colors and scale that will complement the space.

Bold Geometric Designs:

Vibrant colors and geometric shapes when repeated in classic shapes can be subtle when done on the smaller scale but when enlarged they can create quite an impact. For a bold look choose a geometric area rug with large shapes and two colors.

Rugs in Unlikely Spots:

Take a neutral space like a kitchen and add some vintage oriental runners. This will freshen up the space and help reduce body fatigue. Its import to put a non-skid pad under these area rugs, since the kitchen tends to be a high traffic area. We offer two types of non-skid pads that are well suited for this type of area rug use.


Cowhide rugs’ natural beauty add warmth to a room. They are also very durable and if taken care of properly will last for generations.  When layering area rugs the cowhides thin nature makes for a great top layer.

Beni Ourain:

Beni Ourain rugs come from Morocco and are one of the country’s largest exports. These area rugs are easy to recognize due to their signature black, white and brown tribal diamond pattern. Authentic Beni Ourain rugs are made from undyed sheep wool. No two rugs are alike. These rugs will add a sophisticated appeal to either your bedroom or living room.

We look forward to helping you achieve these looks! Come visit us!