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Paramount Rug’s Top 3 Home Office Floor Recommendations

It has taken a pandemic to legitimize the work from home model for many businesses across the world. I read an article the other day about New York City’s Midtown being empty. The Time-Life skyscraper which is one of Midtown’s most famous office buildings in only at 90% capacity since reopening. Working remotely is becoming a more permanent practice.  So now is the time to invest in office space within the confines of your home, lifestyle and budget. Let us help you select the right floor for your home office.

Home office flooring

Top 3 Home Office Floor Recommendations:

1. Luxury Vinyl

Pros: Offered in tile and wood planks, durable, provides thermal warmth, helps with acoustics, easy to clean, waterproof, affordable and can be installed over any hard surface.

Cons: Not as quiet as carpet, due to the type of room use would require a cork underlayment and is not as scratch resistant as laminate

Ideal Space: Great for basement offices because it is waterproof

Modular carpet tiles

2. Modular Carpet Tiles

Pros: Comes in designer styles, optimal noise control, extremely durable, no office mat required, design your own tile layout, replace tiles as needed and is made of premium nylon with stain release technology

Cons: Periodically needs to be professionally cleaned, visible seams and not suitable for all installations

Ideal Space: Upstairs bedroom to muffle the sound of a rolling chair

3. Laminate Flooring:

Pros: Presented in an assortment of tile and wood planks, water and scratch resistant top wear layer, reduces noise up to 30%, easy to clean.

Cons: Not as visually appealing as LVT, not all laminate floors are fully waterproof and not ideal for standup desk

Ideal Space: First floor office or library