Major 2021 Tile Trends

Major 2021 Tile Trends

Major 2021 Tile Trends

Selecting just the right tile for your bathroom and kitchen remodel is not an easy task. There are many colors, textures, shapes and sizes to choose from. Although aesthetics are very important when selecting tile, functionality cannot be forgotten. As a result, manufacturers such as Dal-Tile, Florida Tile, Ann Sacks Tile and Anatolia Tile have worked hard to provide unique styles for any room. Our team at Paramount Rug Company in Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts will take the time to visit your home, assess the space, measure and make sure that what you are choosing will meet all requirements.

Here are the major tile trends for 2021:

Geometric Graphic Tiles:

Geometric graphic tiles are being used like a piece of art in a room enticing one to stay. A big statement can be made by installing contrasting graphic tile on one wall and floor, surrounded by plain neutral colors and textures.
The admiration of patterned tiles has been on the uptick. Patterned tiles can be used in any application now that they come in both ceramic and porcelain compositions. Giving homeowners the opening to use their creativity or hire a designer to interestingly place tiles on the walls and floor in both bathrooms and kitchens.

Subway Tiles:

Subway tiles are evolving from traditional white rectangles. This year metro tiles with contrasting grout lines are making subway tiles a little more interesting, since they do not come in traditional sizes and tend to be thicker. Metro tiles are offered in far more colors and finishes, and make for great mosaic layouts. Don’t forget matte finish is very popular this year.

Hexagonal Tiles:

2021 presents the revival of the hexagonal tile in the bathroom, no matter the size, color and texture. Hexagonal tiles can make a huge statement when used on shower floors and accent walls. This shape tile in neutral pallets can improve the perception of space in smaller bathrooms. In large bathrooms, they create intricate accents.


Large marble tiles are returning in soft subtle color tones. The natural veins of marble create a dramatic design and pattern. Due to nature, transport and technology we have access to so many variations of marble. If you love the look but maybe want to spend a little less Paramount Rug has some great porcelain tile alternatives that resemble natural stone in almost all facets.

Wood Tile:

Wooden tiles have been on the market for sometime now, but are now taking off. Unusual tile sizes are very desirable and faux wood tile planks allow for new patterns such as herringbone to be created. Wooden tiles have textured matte finishes that resemble the grains of common hardwood floors such as oak, maple and cherry. If you are looking to tie nature into your bathroom, then you should choose a porcelain wood tile. Porcelain tiles are less permeable making them more resistant to dirt and moisture.

Metal and Matte Tile Finishes:

Metallic tile finishes are the new bathroom novelty this year. The natural reflective qualities of a metallic finish can give any bathroom a profligate look. This modern style still has some room to evolve and we expect to see the evolution over the next few years.
Matte tile finishes’ soft and commanding style are still very relevant. One of the biggest advantages of the matte finish is that water stains do not present themselves and the floor is a bit less slippery when wet, making it an ideal finish for bathrooms. If you do select a tile with a dull finish it is important to have the right balance of natural and ambient lighting.

Textured Tiles:

Aside from color variations one can add depth to any bathroom or kitchen by using tiles with texture. Textured tiles sometimes look very pronounced or slim depending upon the finish and colors applied to the tile. Some textured tiles are three-dimension and commonly used on a kitchen backsplash or tub surrounds to create an inspiring aesthetic. This tile category is well assorted offering various shapes, sizes, color and style to create a unique space.

Before setting out to find the right tile, try to determine the color, shape and finishes that you feel best suit your space and personal style. Knowing the expression that you want will make the process less overwhelming when shopping. We hope that the 2021 trend information was both is inspiring and informative. Cannot wait for you to visit our showroom and explore our tile selection!