Wool Carpet from Paramount Rug Company in Brockton, MA

Why is Wool Carpeting a Great Sustainable Floor Option

In recent years, we have shed light onto the practice of sustainability, and why it’s important. If you’re unaware, sustainability is the practice of protecting our natural environment, human and ecological health, while driving innovation and not compromising our way of life. We are able to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our lives, like driving an electric car, shopping from local farm stands, and even when purchasing a new carpet for our homes. Here at Paramount Rug Company in Massachusetts, we know just how important it is to buy sustainable products to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Integrating sustainability into interior design throughout our homes is a big step that we can all take to better our living space. Home renovations using eco-friendly materials, not only can save us on replacement costs down the road, but you don’t feel the guilt of throwing away an old flooring that will sit in a landfill. Thus, creating less energy consumption, natural resource depletion, pollution and less toxicity for both you and the entire ecosystem that is filled with life.

Our Karastan, Couristan, Hagaman, and Nourtex wool woven carpets are the perfect option to begin sustainable practices within your home. With wool originating from beautiful farms located in New Zealand, the sheep supply wool every 9 to 12 months and provide a wonderful viable and renewable organic material. In addition, wool aids in home climate energy efficiencies by reducing heat loss and heat rise from floors. Wool carpeting last longer than the average synthetic carpet because of its overlapping fiber construction that make it sturdy and gives it better soil release than petroleum based fibers. It is hypo-allergenic and naturally stabilizes relative humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture according to the atmospheric humidity changes in ones’ home. The best part is that we can all take comfort in knowing that when the time comes to replace your wool carpet, that it is biodegradable and will deliver essential nutrients for or plants. We at Paramount Rug Company know just how important it is to live and shop sustainably, and we are here to offer a wide array of eco-friendly products listed on our website at a value. Our family cares about your home as if it was our own.