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Luxury Vinyl Flooring from Paramount

Luxury vinyl flooring has been gaining popularity since it first came out. In fact, you can have your choice of luxury vinyl plank, also known as LVP, as well as luxury vinyl tile, better known as LVT. LVP is a great choice for those homeowners who absolutely love the elegance of the solid hardwood floor look. LVT mimics tile and natural stone, and is a great hit for those who prefer this natural look.

Not sure which is right for your home? Are you still undecided about whether or not luxury vinyl flooring will work for you? Keep reading to find out a few more facts about this great flooring choice.

Luxury vinyl flooring and the natural look

If you’ve always wanted the beauty of a floor made of natural materials, but don’t have the time for the maintenance schedule that comes along with it, luxury vinyl flooring could be right for you. Manufacturers use a 3D technology for the imaging that makes up the look of LVT and LVP, and your guests will never know it isn’t the real thing.

In fact, just to name a few, you can get the look of travertine, marble, ceramic and any one of an array of hardwood species. The tile look even mimics the grout used between tiles, while the hardwood strips look just like real solid wood.

To make luxury vinyl flooring appear even more authentic, there is also the aspect of texture. The texturizing process used by the manufacturer, will leave you with not only the look of real natural materials, but the real feel as well.

However, the look and feel are where the similarities end. The benefits to be gained from luxury vinyl flooring will make you wonder why you didn’t have it installed earlier. For instance, you can easily place luxury vinyl planks in your basement, where hardwood floors could never go. You can even get waterproof vinyl plank, that’s sure to give you a peace of mind that no other flooring can.

Come and see for yourself

Paramount Rug Company would love to help you make a decision concerning your new flooring. Serving the areas of Bridgewater, Easton, Mansfield, Cape Cod, Franklin, Brockton and Hyannis, we have a showroom in both Brockton, MA and Hyannis, MA. Feel free to stop by anytime to speak to a flooring professional, and see our whole line of luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring for yourself!

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